UniInput is a Tcl script for Unicode inputting. The Tcl software is from ActiveState. Please consult the company's internet page for updates on ‘activetcl’.

The UniInput script is from a project of Tokyo University. It is downloadable from Endangered Languages of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia.

Installing UniInput

The Tcl shell plus UniInput can be downloaded here. The software archive made available here may be installed as follows:

  1. Windows 2000 or higher presupposed.
  2. Create a directory, e.g. ‘c:\temp\subfolder’.
  3. Unzip ‘Unicode_Eingabe.zip’ into that folder.
  4. That copies the installation program ‘activetcl8.3.5.0-2-win32-ix86.exe’ plus a folder ‘uniinput’ into your folder.
  5. Run ‘activetcl8.3.5.0-2-win32-ix86.exe’ and follow its instructions. It will create a folder ‘c:\tcl’.
  6. Move ‘c:\temp\subfolder\UniInput’ to ‘c:\tcl\UniInput’.
  7. Call the TCL Shell by
    • Start
    • Programs
    • ActiveState ActiveTcl
    • Tclsh83
    The shell is used much like the Windows command line interpreter.
  8. Change into the script directory: ‘cd ..’, ‘cd UniInput’.
  9. Still in the shell, call the UniInput script: ‘wish uniinput_1.0.tcl’.

Using UniInput

The screen is subdivided; the upper part is your writing area, the lower part contains the currently available characters.

If you need another Unicode character set, you extend the available sets as follows:

Next time you start the script, your new character set will be available from the menu ‘Language’.