Moreno Carbonero, Escrutinio

I sell my books on a private basis. The following kinds of publications are available:

These catalogs will be updated periodically. More items will be listed in the future, but sold items will, of course, drop from the list.

Many bibliographical references indicate the edition or reprint of the item in question. Its publication year appears at the start of the reference. At the end, the sequential number of this edition may be mentioned. After it, other editions and even translations may be mentioned; these do not relate to the item on offer.

The material is sold at a symbolic price (to guarantee proper use of this offer).

Conditions for purchase are as follows:

  1. Each book is sold at 10% of the publisher's (or antiquarian's) retail price. The client may look it up there and calculate my price for himself and/or may ask me to do so.
  2. The books are in different conditions. Most are unused. Some are used and may even contain manual glosses. Less than 1‰ are xerocopies. None have any serious damage. Given that
    • unused books are worth 100% of their retail price
    • used books may be worth down to 50% that price
    • all are here sold at 10% of the retail price
    differences in the degree of conservation have no effect on my price.
  3. If the sum total for a set of books ordered is above the limit, they will be shipped for free. Otherwise, shipping costs will be charged. This limit is 100 Euro for shipping to an address in the Germany and 200 Euro for shipping to an address outside.
  4. Steps are as follows:
    1. The client sends his order to the address christianw_lehmann ☯ (Just copy the bibliographical references from this website into your message.)
    2. I confirm availabity, quote the total price for the parcel and indicate my bank coordinates.
    3. The client transfers the sum.
    4. I send a parcel with the books to the address indicated to me. (I will again be able to send packets from 11 march 2020 on.)

Should you be the author or donator of any of the works listed, don't feel offended by my selling it. The main purpose of this sale is that the work be read by more people instead of being thrown away by my heirs.