authorGabriel de San Buenaventura
titleArte de la lengua maya
ms. finished1675
contentgrammar and text of some sacraments
size41 pp. recto & verso + VIII pp.
commentUtterly unsystematic, but with many example sentences.

San Buenaventura, Gabriel de 1684, Arte de la lengua maya. México D.F.: Viuda de B. Calderón.

Printed with utter negligence. Augmented reprint: México: F. Díaz de León, 1888. Specimen

San Buenaventura, Gabriel de 1996, Arte de la lengua maya. Edición de René Acuña. México D.F.: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas (Fuentes para el estudio de la cultura maya, 13).

Facsimile and critical edition.

Bolles, David 2001, Arte de la lengua maya. Compuesto por el R. P. Fr. Gabriel de San Buenaventura ... (Combined Dictionary-Concordance of the Yucatecan Mayan Language)

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San Buenaventura was a French Franciscan stationed in Mérida. He may also be the author of the Vocabulario español - maya de Ticul, from 1690. Beltrán attributes to him a Calepino castellano-maya / maya-castellano, otherwise unknown, whose first part may be identical to the Ticul vocabulary.

The grammar is heavily dependent on Coronel; it is "basically a rewrite of the Coronel grammar" (Bolles). On a few topics, one of them offers more material than the other.

Contents of the 2nd edition of 1888 (original pagination)
p.title of first subsectioncontent
1Explicación del Abecedariopronunciation of the letters
2nombresfive paradigms of pronominal elements
5primera conjugaciónparadigms of four conjugations
15vmutan¢a de todo genero de verbosdependent status conjugation
16vmutan¢a del verbo anteponiendole la persona que haze ...constructions involving dependent status
17vverbos de voluntadcomplex verb constructions involving dependent status
20rpartículas mas notables ...alphabetical list of words of different classes with different syntactic behavior
37rel verbo sumverbalization of the personal pronoun
38rverbos en ancilderivation of different classes of verbs
39rforma administrandi sacramentumrite of the anointing of the sick and other sacraments, in Latin and Maya
Iadvertenciaeditor's note on the original
IVerratas del originallist of printing errors of the first edition
VIIIerratas de la reimpresiónadditional errors of the reprint