authorFray Antonio de Ciudad Real
life1551 - 1617. Lived in Mérida, Yuc. 1573 - 1617.
titleGran diccionario o Calepino de la lengua maya de Yucatán
ms. finished~ 1614
contentMaya-Spanish dictionary with many examples of usage.
size466 folios recto and verso; 15,975 entries
commentProduced in the Convento Franciscano de Motul, Yucatán.
Partly based on the Bocabulario, but almost double its size. Ciudad Real worked 40 years on the ms., to an old age.

Martínez Hernández, Juan (ed.) 1929, ‘Diccionario de Motul maya español’ atribuido a Fray Antonio de Ciudad Real y ‘Arte de lengua maya’ por Fray Juan Coronel. Mérida, Yucatán: Compañia Tipográfica Yucateca.

First publication. Copyright 1929, published 1930.

Ciudad Real, Antonio de 1984, Calepino maya de Motul. 2 vols. Edición de René Acuña. México D.F.: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Gramáticas y diccionarios, 2).

Facsimile edition of the ms. Specimen.

Arzápalo Marín, Ramón 1995, Calepino de Motul. Diccionario Maya-Español. 3 tomos. México D.F.: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Edition on the basis of the ms.. Vol. III contains a "paleographic" transcription; vol. I presents a heavily edited and modified version.

Ciudad Real, Antonio de 2001, Calepino Maya de Motul. Edición crítica y anotada por René Acuña. México D.F.: Plaza y Valdés.

Critical and annotated edition on the basis of the ms.


The earliest extant ms. (conserved in the John Carter Brown Library) is a copy, probably made by a Mayan scribe from the original. By paleographic criteria, it was made shortly after 1600. The ms. must have continually grown over many years; some material dates back to 1577.

The ms. consists of two volumes, of which only the first is presented above. The second (occasionally called Motul II) is a Spanish-Maya vocabulary of a somewhat later date, by an anonymous author. It would consist of 236 folios, but 43 are missing. It is a variant of the Bocabulario.